Successes to Date

May 25- June 11:  Paper Petition at Carrboro Farmers Market Receives 427 Signatures
This petition is the same as our current petition that this site links to.

May 17:  Aldermen to Encourage Google Policy Change
Bob Proctor gave a 3-minute presentation to the Carrboro Board of Aldermen. This presentation described how Google’s siting policies for its partner towns would inevitably lead to parks and green spaces, especially those on the poorer sides of towns, having land taken from them for Google’s commercial purposes. For national social justice reasons, he encouraged the Aldermen to pass a resolution that would encourage Google to refrain from using parkland and green space for sites in the future, and to allow towns to nominate tracts that are owned by school and utility districts. The Aldermen agreed to pass such a resolution in the near future. Watch the video of the meeting below, and watch the Aldermen react at 3:45.

May 5:  Orange County Commissioner Requests Analysis
Bob Proctor gave a 3-minute presentation to the Orange County Board of Commissioners. In this presentation, he noted that the rushed and opaque siting of Google’s facility on the cemetery land exemplified a systemic consequence of Google’s required siting policies for its partner towns. Commissioner Barry Jacobs then requested that the county staff look into what the county could do in regard to this siting decision.

April 30 – May 31: Petition Receives 68 Signatures

April 28:  OWASA Welcomes Consideration by Google
Bob Proctor gave a 4-minute presentation to the Orange Water and Sewer Authority Board of Directors.  In this presentation, he noted the adverse effects that the siting of Google’s hub in the cemetery woods would have on the value of the cemetery meadow green space. He encouraged OWASA to look into hosting the Google facility on their secure campus. The Board instructed the OWASA staff to look into this possibility.

April 17:  Sierra Club Orange-Chatham Group Sends Letter to Aldermen
The Executive Committee of the Sierra Club’s Orange-Chatham Group wrote a letter to the Orange County Board of Commissioners and the Carrboro Board of Aldermen. This letter expressed concern about the siting of Google’s internet relay facility in the woods next to the cemetery meadow, and it urged these bodies to encourage Google to consider siting their facility on the OWASA campus instead.